Case Studies

Ethel is being used to help support independent living and keeping your loved ones connected, read our case studies to find out how Ethel can help you.

Brain Injury Case Study

George is a young man who sustained a very severe brain injury in a road traffic accident around 15 years ago. Although he is physically able to manage day to day activities, he has very low insight into his needs as a result of the irreversible frontal lobe damage. He has been extremely dismissive of clinical intervention from healthcare professionals in the past. George lives alone and has refused to accept a support worker team to help him in his home. He agreed to one support worker who sees him at the weekends only. We wanted to work with him in the least restrictive way and support his personal goals…

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Medication Management Case Study

Sean’s mum lives by herself around 30 minutes drive away from Sean and his family. Despite everyone’s best efforts Sean’s mum sometimes missed a dose of her medication at certain points in the day. She has had some issues with short term memory and these were having an effect on her medication management. The family were worried about her living by herself. Since Ethel Smart hub was installed at the Sean’s mum’s home, the changes have been significant…

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