Efficient Enhanced Care

EthelSense is a innovative new solution offered by Ethelcare that helps support staff and caregivers stay informed about the daily activities and routines of their users. With a range of discreet home sensors, EthelSense monitors important activities of daily living and alerts users when there are changes to the routine.

For example, EthelSense can alert caregivers if the kettle, microwave, or fridge has not been used in the morning, or if the user is getting out of bed frequently at night. It can also track whether the door has been opened late at night, or if there has been an increase in toilet usage in the past week. Additionally, EthelSense can even monitor the temperature of the house to ensure the user’s comfort and safety.

The EthelSense Kit includes two smart Powerplug , two motion sensors, and two open/close sensors. Additional sensors, such as a humidity sensor, water sensor, CO2 sensor, or CO sensor, can also be added as needed.

With EthelSense, caregivers can receive instant alerts and even connect with their user via video call if necessary. EthelSense is a powerful tool that helps caregivers provide the best possible care for their loved ones, while also giving them peace of mind.