What is Ethel?2023-12-14T09:26:10+00:00

Ethel is an innovative touchscreen tablet that allows families and carers to stay in touch with their elderly loved one, via use of an ‘always-on’, extra-large touchscreen tablet. The tablet has a simple to use interface, specifically designed for those unfamiliar with technology that allows an older person or a person living with disabilities to contact a pre-set list of contacts like family members, a carer or doctor simply by tapping the screen. Ethel also allows additional functionality such as medication reminders, when to do exercises, etc. and can also send instant EMAIL alerts or phone notifications to family or carers if a user fails to respond to medication prompts.

What does ‘Always on’ mean?2023-12-14T15:25:43+00:00

The tablet remains ‘always-on,’ to ensure that messages, media and prompts can be sent to the tablet and so the user can be contactable at all times. The camera for video calls is only activated as needed, respecting privacy, and ensuring a secure user experience. The tablet user can only give permission for the camera to be turned on by clicking the accept call button.

Who can use Ethel?2023-12-14T15:25:08+00:00

Ethel has been specifically designed with ease of use in mind for users who may be older or living with disabilities and who have limited experience with technology. Ethel provides them with a way to stay in touch with family, friends, clinical team, and carers while assisting them with the day-to-day tasks necessary.

What services does Ethel provide?2023-12-18T11:44:33+00:00

Ethel provides four services. Ethel Hub is an extra-large, tailor-made tablet designed specifically for ultra seniors. Ethel Sense is a kit of six sensors that can be placed throughout the home to gain valuable insights in a non-intrusive manner. Ethel Medication Box alerts you when your loved one’s medication box has been opened. Perfect for that extra piece of mind. Finally, Ethel Watch will automatically monitor your loved one’s vital signs such as pulse, oximetry and ECG .

How much does an Ethel cost?2020-09-21T16:15:05+01:00

We currently provide Ethel to health and care organisations. The costing is dependent on the number of units with prices starting at as little as £2 per unit per day. Please contact us for more information.

Do I require an internet connection to use Ethel?2023-12-18T11:35:56+00:00

Yes, Ethel requires an internet connection to receive content and notifications. A 4G router or broadband will work. If you currently do not have an internet connection within the home, we can provide a 4G router as part of your Ethel monthly subscription.

How do I interact with Ethel?2023-12-18T11:37:36+00:00

Once the ETHEL device is in a person’s home, the family and care team can interact with Ethel using smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktops.

  • Android users can go to the Play Store and search for ‘Ethel Hub’
  • iOS users can go to the App Store and search for ‘Ethelhub’.
  • Web users can go to https://hub.ethelcare.com/#/login.

Once the smartphone app is installed you will be able to login with an account that has already been activated. The app is used for basic interaction such as video calling, messaging, uploading photos and videos, making care notes and viewing sensor logs.

Older Android and iOS versions may not be compatible with the Ethelcare app. Android V6 or higher, IOS 9 or higher is required.


Does Ethel work on any other device than the one provided?2023-12-18T11:38:04+00:00

No. ETHEL is a fully managed solution and includes all hardware, software, non-compliance emails, unlimited video calls, etc.

Where can I purchase an Ethel unit?2023-12-18T11:38:54+00:00

Contact us to find out more.

How long will it take for my Ethel unit to arrive?2020-09-21T16:11:03+01:00

Once registered, an ETHEL device will be delivered within 5-7 business days.

Why use Ethel instead of an off-the-shelf tablet?2023-12-18T11:40:24+00:00

ETHEL is an extra-large touchscreen tablet with a range of intuitive features that makes it an ideal partner for technology enabled care. While Ethel has many of the same features of an off-the-shelf tablet, it has been designed specifically with those who need a little extra assistance to maintain a good standard of independent living in mind.

Ethel provides users with the ability to video call, manage their healthcare, get vital signs, and set medication and exercise reminders, in an all-in-one package. Additionally, Entertainment comes straight out of the box with preinstalled games and radio stations. The easy-to-use interference is perfect for those with little to no experience with technology and interactions with family, friends and careers are always safe and secure so the client’s privacy is maintained.

Does the Ethel require any usernames or passwords?2020-09-21T16:09:46+01:00

ETHEL users will not need a username or password to use their Ethel device. Its clever security features mean that it keeps things simple and allows access to the Ethel features without having to enter login details.

For friends, family and staff who wish to contact a user through the Carer App, a username and password will be required. This is because we aim to keep things as safe and secure for the user as possible, enabling them to contact only those users who have been pre-approved by the account admin.

What other languages can Ethel use?2022-10-24T14:33:02+01:00

Currently, Ethel is available in English, French, German and Dutch.

Which countries can Ethel be used in?2020-09-21T16:08:33+01:00

Technically anywhere where there is Wi-Fi or a 4G connection. The world is truly a global village!!!

Does Ethel work in different timezones?2020-09-21T16:07:56+01:00

Yes, Ethel will take different time zones into account and will allow staff or family members to connect with ETHEL users even when in different time zones. Carers/family can schedule notifications as normal in the ETHEL user’s local time.

Does Ethel need to be plugged in all the time?2020-09-21T16:07:16+01:00

Ideally, ETHEL is meant to be on 24/7 and 365 days, hence it is necessary for Ethel to be plugged in. This is to ensure the user is always connected and able to avail of our features.

What are the measurements of the Ethel?2023-12-18T11:42:43+00:00

ETHEL is a 15 1/2-inch touch screen device.

How secure is Ethel?2020-09-21T16:05:55+01:00

ETHEL is a highly secure solution that uses several layers of protection to ensure both security and ease of use. All content is stored in the cloud and any videos or photos that are stored locally are encrypted. The ETHEL solutions can be deleted or suspended remotely. Only people on your contact list can call or message you. It also meets GDPR regulation and all data is stored in the UK.

I no longer wish to use the Ethel, what now?2020-09-21T16:05:10+01:00

In the unfortunate event of a family member’s passing away or no longer being able to use an ETHEL, please discuss this with the provider organisation that gave you an ETHEL. If you purchased an ETHEL directly from us, please give us a call to discuss (We have standard contracts, but we also have a heart!!!)

How does Ethel differ from an iPad or other tablet technology?2020-09-07T14:12:47+01:00

Ethel is safer and easier for the elderly to use than an iPad, tablets or computers because it was designed specifically for older people. It provides them with exactly what they need to connect with family and manage their own care. All information is pushed to the device and automatically displayed with large buttons and an easy-to-use display.

What age demographic is Ethel Smart Hub suitable for?2020-11-30T14:23:47+00:00

Ethel is suitable for anyone who has little or no computer experience; diminishing eyesight, motor skills, hearing or cognition. The oldest ethel user is 95 years old, with many others living independently at home.

What happens if I buy one and my family member won’t/can’t use it?2020-09-07T14:18:53+01:00

Ethel offers a money back guarantee. If Ethel doesn’t work for you, simply return it within 30 days for a complete refund. Terms and Conditions apply.

Can multiple family members, friends and carers communicate with the Ethel Smart Hub?2020-09-21T16:01:40+01:00

Yes. Multiple family members can interact and manage Ethel. You can control levels of access to things like alerts, health care details or confidential information by inviting them as either Managers or Contributors.

What happens if I have a problem with Ethel?2020-09-21T16:02:31+01:00

We have support staff who are ready to answer any of your questions via our telephone or online support system. Our support line is there to help you with any problems you may encounter. You can also use the contact us page to communicate with us directly.

Does Ethel replace an emergency call system or telephone line?2020-09-21T16:03:08+01:00

No, Ethel is not intended to be an emergency call system, nor does it replace a telephone.

How is my data privacy protected?2020-09-21T16:03:59+01:00

We do not share or sell our client’s data with any third parties. The privacy of our client’s data is extremely important to us. You can read our Privacy Policy by clicking here.

ETHEL is available to you and your loved ones for less than the price of a cappuccino per day.

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