” Today, we deliver better care. Faster.

Thank you Ethel!”

Mounting Pressure

Providing ongoing clinical care outside the hospital has always been challenging.


There simply isn’t enough of it due to increased patient and workload demands


Human resources are constantly being stretched beyond limits


The pressure to reduce costs is ever present


Covid-19 and seasonal infections are a constant threat impacting the complexity of care delivery on the ground

Regain Control

Deliver more effective care services at a fraction of the cost.

Maximise human resources

Improve staff efficiency

Obtain greater patient insights

Assist hospital discharge

Stay safe

The Game Changer

Say Hello to Ethel

Direct access to your patient’s health and welfare in their own home

Medication Management and Alerts

All remotely, without the need to travel.

Spot the early warning signs.

Ethel comes with built in Early Warning Scoring System (NEWS2) allowing staff to detect early deterioration and help reduce readmissions.


Yet Smart.

Ethel is a large always on 16 inch touch screen device designed specifically for

those who need support at home (including those with chronic conditions).

No computer skills required!

Plug & Go

Large 16 inch Always on screen

Large on-screen buttons

No passwords or pop-ups, yet secure

Clean, uncluttered user interface

Feel good.

Because of Ethel your patient’s care is now better.

“Ethel proved invaluable during the lockdown period of Covid-19 pandemic as we were not able to visit our Brain Injury client in person. We increased our social contact via Ethel to help him overcome the difficult period of isolation”

Kevin Cross, Case Manager (OT)

“Physically seeing mum while talking to her makes such a difference. We can make regular video calls meaning anyone in the family can check in at any time”


“Working within a remote and rural location, Ethel has allowed us to reach and support individuals from a central base and provide visual contact on a regular basis without staff members having to travel long distances”

Duncan Johnson, Occupational Therapist, Shetland Islands Council

“We see Ethel as one of those key components that can assist us not only in the re-design but also being able to offer services differently, in particular using video”

Christian Giesselmann, Assistive Technology Lead, Harrow Council

“What he realised when he engaged with us was he reengaged with his life and his life changed. To see him today, a year on, he’s a very different gentleman.”

Graham Stiles, Team Leader, Isleshawn care centre

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