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2508, 2021

Telehealth for the Elderly

In a new article by Deepak, he discusses telehealth for the elderly.

“The reasons why we go the extra mile and add the extra oomph for our mostly 80+ year old users is because there is still a distinct lack of products and (telehealth) platforms that are made with the elderly (very senior if you are in the US) in mind. (…) With a ageing demographic and people living longer, we need to ask ourselves as societies, how do we reduce this digital divide.”



908, 2021

Meet Deepak Samson, the founder and CEO of Ethelcare

Meet our CEO, Deepak Samson. During his time with the NHS, Deepak often heard carers “crying out for support and tools” to meet the demands of patients visits while tackling the issues of staff shortage.

He saw a solution in utilising technology to help support staff care for the increasing number of patients, Ethel was born.

His vision is to transform the delivery of health and social care at home.

ScaleUp Group 

1503, 2021

Digital devices given to Dorset residents

Dorset Council has teamed up with social day care providers to issue a range of digital devices to thirty residents to enable them to take part in virtual one-to-one sessions with carers and to attend online day centre activities.

Joan, using an Ethel, said “What I’m really looking forward to is having a video call with the day centre as I miss them very much and it will be lovely to see them again”.

Dorset Echo

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