Professional Care Providers

Efficient Enhanced Care

Vastly improved life expectancy means that more of us are living for longer. Whilst this is one of the great triumphs of the last century, it also presents real challenges when it comes to the provision of health care services.

Ethel can be used by professional health care providers and other organisations to deploy virtual home care through video calling, medication  and treatment management, health surveys, instructional care videos, exercise programmes, ‘call-me’ requests and check-ins. Domiciliary workers can even manage multiple clients remotely to complement existing community based care, thus providing an enhanced and efficient care solution at a greatly reduced cost.

All of which makes Ethel the perfect care partner for Health and Social Services, Housing Associations, Charities and befriending groups as well as those delivering palliative care.

Learn how Ethel can help your organisation deliver cost effective and efficient care services.

ETHEL is available to you and your loved ones for less than the price of a cappuccino per day.